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GoodyGoody - 漸變彩色磨砂特大水樽 [2000ml] Large Gradient Water Bottle

GoodyGoody - 漸變彩色磨砂特大水樽 [2000ml] Large Gradient Water Bottle

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*****沒事多喝水, 多喝水沒事*****

📏 給自己一個喝水目標
- 等到口渴的時候已經太遲了, 可能已出現缺水問題
- 跟住樽身上的定時喝水目標,一定不會忘記喝水啦!

💪 養身好習慣
- 水是維持腦部運作的關鍵之一
- 每天只要喝完樽裏的水,就一定做到更好的你
- 喝多些水,令肌膚潤澤保持彈性,變得更漂亮

🌊 顯出自我風格
- 携帶著這色彩悅目的特大水樽,
可激勵自己每天最基本喝 2000ml 的水
- 向世界宣布你對健康的要求

🧬 水是生命之源
- 對人來說水是必不可少的體内物質, 在成人體内,
60~70%的質量是水。 看似簡單,但喝水也是一
門學問, 正確的喝水更有利於健康。

Your motivational water bottle keeps track of your water intake. Trending all over TikTok, is the water bottle you need.

With a unique inspirational quote and a time marker on it, this water bottle is great for measuring your daily water intake, reminding you to stay hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day. A must-have for any fitness goals including weight loss and overall health.

The large capacity ensures you will drink your daily volume of water without refilling it frequently. The flip-top lid is designed with a secure lock making it dust and leakproof.

This bottle is made of quality food-grade eco-friendly plastic and is TOXIN FREE, odor-free. 


- 大容量 2000ml足夠一天飲水量, 帶吸管方便飲用, 可拆卸長吸管, 不用可取出來
- 樽上的刻度還能提醒你喝水的時間與量度, 保證一天水份的需求, 特别適合運動人士
- 彈跳樽蓋設計, 可單手開啟
- 樽蓋帶鎖扣, 往下推按下開啟, 往上推鎖定
- 內置硅膠密封圈, 倒置搖晃滴水不漏
- 便携握環, 樽身凹型手握設計, 携帶方便
- 樽身為PC塑料, 杯蓋為PP塑料
- 平整穩固樽底
- 產品容量: 2000ml
- 樽身高度: 29.8cm
- 樽底直徑: 10.9cm
- 大樽口直徑: 8.1cm
- 小樽口直徑: 2.1cm
- 重量: 225g

Product Details:

- Large capacity 2000ml water bottle, with enough water to last you a whole day and hit your daily water requirements. 
- Use the flexible straw to drink easily from the bottle, or remove it according to your preference
- Lockable top and anti-leak design
- Handle for easy carry
- Show everyone your stylish bottle, at the gym, at work or at the park!

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